Kobor (Graves) : The Best Poem Written By Jasimuddin
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2016-11-21 05:40:22 UTC
can you give a summary about this poem ?
2016-11-30 14:44:23 UTC
The main theme of kobor poem is a painful life of a Rural elderly. In last part of his life, he revealed his Mournful experience to his grandson.
He described the death of his wife, son, daughter, granddaughter and daughter with painful voice. The elderly is waiting for the last day of his life.
The elderly showing the grave-yards to his grandson and his sad memories of their tragic deaths.
At last the elderly told his grandson tearfully. “Let us fold our hands, little grandson, and pray: O come, eternal God, let Paradise descend for our loved ones.”
In this poem, we learn about the sad true about life. This poem show us how cruel this life is when we lost our family members.
2018-08-12 14:24:36 UTC
What is the compare and contrast between the two poem elegy written in a country charchyeard and bengali poem kobor