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In his book Dalim has mentioned this incident, saying He, his wife and his mother in law were kidnapped by Gholam Mustafa and gang and were taken to Mujib's residence. Gholam kept them in a van outside the house and told Mujib that a drunk young army officer has misbehaved with his wife and he has brought the officer with him. Mujib when called police chief to get the army officer arrested, he was told that the army officer is Dalim. Mujib tried to calm the situation by assuring Dalim of justice but later Dalim and 21 other officers were retired from army.
Dalim has also mentioned initiation of inquiry against him and claims that inquiry was about kidnapping incident.
Was Major Dalim's wife really raped or sexually assaulted
by direct dissendents of Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
as suggested in the book titled "Legacy of Blood" or is that
total fiction ?
Shabbir A. Bashar
Where exactly in "Legacy of Blood" ( I presume you are referring to
Mascarenhas' "Bangladesh- A Legacy of Blood")--did you find
the following, "rape"--"sexually assualted"-- and "direct
descendents of Bangabandhu"-- ? Please, give either the specific
quotes or page numbers etc.
All I find in 'Legacy of Blood' is the following passage on
(page 45-46)
" Towards the end of January, 1974, some young army officers were involved
in an incident which would have a direct bearing on Sheikh Mujibur
Rahman's assassination. The occassion was a wedding reception in the
Ladies Club, Dhaka. Among the guests were Major Sharful Huq Dalim and
his attractive wife. She is the daughter of Mr & Begum R I. Chowdhury.
The Chowdhurys were close friends of Sheikh Mujib and his family. Begum
Chowdhury, a senior member of the Awami League, had accompanied
Begum Mujibur Rahman when she came to London for medical attention in
1973. R. I. Chowdhury who was First Secretary(Consular) in the London
High Commission, had also been favored by Mujib with more than normal
extensions of service after reaching retirement age. Thus Dalim and
wife were considered part of the 'in' set, but perhaps not so well in
with Mujib as the brother of another guest at that wedding, Ghazi Gholam
Mustafa. Apart from holding a very lucrative position as Chairman of the
Bangladesh Red Cross, Ghazi was also the Awami League's hard hitting
City boss in Dhaka. In the later capacity, he was Mujib's right-hand
man, very tough, powerful and free-wheeling.
According to those present that day , during the party Ghazi Gholam
Mustafa's brother made some insulting remarks about Mrs. Dalim.
In the altercation that followed, Ghazi's bully-boys are said to have
joined in and roughed up the army couple. Some say the thugs attempted
to kidnap them, but there is no confirmation of this. In any case
Dalim's army colleagues decided to take immediate action. Accompanied
by their troops they piled into two trucks, went hunting for the offending
gang and ended up wrecking Ghazi Gholam Mustafa'a bungalow.
Both parties appealed to Sheikh Mujib for redress, and he managed
temporarily soothed their ruffled tempers. Later, after another incident
of 'indiscipline' was reported from Comilla Cantonment, Mujib instituted
a military inquiry into the young officers' misconduct. As a result
22 young officers were dismissed or prematuredly retired from service.
Among them were Majors Dalim, Noor and Huda. As a jesture to the family,
Mujib tried to make it up to Dalim by assisting him in setting up a
business venture. The hurt, however, rankled. A year later the three
ex-army officers would figure prominently in Mujib's assassination."
I went at length to show there is no mention of the terms you used.
If they were somewhere else in the book, please let us know.
Is it possible that you have misquoted the source ?
Best wishes,
Bilayet Hossain.
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